Hello y'all, you've found my tumblr. I bet you think you're soooooo cool.... and maybe you are; who am I to say otherwise? Anyway, I like politics, cultures, languages and children. I love to travel and meet other people, and I LOVE to learn to speak to them, no matter where I happen to be. My favorite books are Dune and the entirety of the Wheel of Time series. I have a dry (sometimes insulting) sense of humor, so hopefully nobody's TOO bothered. I am from Anaheim Hills, and I am currently working as the purchaser for a fiber optic company in Orange, CA.
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I couldn’t believe my eyes. A formation. Holy shit. These briliant fuckers formed a fucking V with their Prowlers and placed their Sunderers in the middle. It’s a basic tactic but holy shit this was amazing to see. Discipline or death. Terran Republic for life. 

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I joined a platoon which utilized only Sunderers. We drove to an area with clear lines of sight and set up shop. With directed fire we created an unreachable defense. We held off numerous pushes of VS reinforcements with our mobile wall. Keeping the enemy at a safe distance where we pounded them with relentless fire. The most amazing moment was watching a Galaxy barrel toward us and just being obliterated with machine gun fire. It’s fiery death was met by loud cheers and a lovely amount exp. It was amazing.

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Why settle for a single Warder, be in the green ajah and have a bunch carry you on throne like the most majestic Aes Sedai ever.


It does sound tempting….

Because the second one of them dies (remember Green is the Battle Ajah so this WILL happen if you’re doing your job right) you’ll flip the hell out and idk blow everyone up or something.